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Ultra D-Cinema Digital Cinema System Highlights

D-Cinema has been designed keeping the current industry scenario in mind. Even though cinemas have been 100% Digitized and D-cinema [DCI Spec] 2K/ E-cinema [NON DCI] FULL HD technologies are prevalent, there are several challenges that the industry faces today. Let’ take a look at them:

Current Industry Challenges

  • Delivery Mechanisms are either Physical Delivery [DCP + Key] or Satellite Single Uplink to Multiple Downlink.
  • Scheduling and Show Management is Offline leading to lack of control and errors.
  • Outdated Technical Workflows and Systems have led to the lack of coordination between stake-holders.
  • DCPs are used in D-cinema and Mpeg2 / 4 are used in E-cinema. E-cinema output ports are secured with only HDCP.
  • No clear Billing and Show reporting system in place.
  • Pilferage and Piracy.
  • Networks and Systems are driven by Manual Intervention.

Here is how Ultra D-Cinema system comes to the rescue:

Take a look at some of the key features of Ultra D-Cinema that are designed to overcome these challenges.

  • Proprietary Codec for 10bit HDR Picture & Lossless Sound.
  • 4K –2K –Full HD Resolutions.
  • 24X7 Connected Digital Cinema Server UNIT.
  • Fully Automated Show Play-out System with Customization.
  • 1 Click Service for All Stake-Holders [Exhibitors-Distributors-Producers-Content Owners-Studios-Agencies].
  • Zero Pilferage & Piracy Security as per ISO 27001 norms.
  • 1st Time ever 24x7 Surveillance of Projection Room & Equipment.

Software Features

  • First time ever login and Show Run reports to producers, content owners, studios etc.
  • Full access to Cinema Chain Owner –Programmer –Staff for show management, ads management from the comfort of your office and smart phones.
  • 100% seamless content distribution network automated by schedule and show times.
  • Zero Piracy mechanism, 24X7 surveillance of projection rooms with visual analysis.
  • Anti-Pilferage systems with complete forensic evidence and invisible watermark in case of sabotage or tampering of systems.
  • Keep a Track of your shows, ads and even collection figures at any time through your login.
  • Download PDF and Excel versions of the complete report.
  • Dynamic Show and Advertisement Scheduling as per the Cinema Chain / Owners Needs.

Ultra D-cinema 360 Degree Content & Data Security

We know the pains of the Producer!

We at ULTRA D-cinema are constantly obsessed on making the life of the producer, cinema owner and all contributors easy and less rudimentary. We understand that the release week is a time of relentless activity with every second being priceless. And the biggest hassle for any hapless producer or even a major studio is the timely and secure delivery of the Hard Drives containing the DPX and Audio Files to various D-cinema companies.

  • We at ULTRA offer a secure and hassle free logistics service for your valuable unreleased movies’ content in Hard Drives.
  • We also have an option to use our services for delivering to other D-cinema Operators.

Our aim is to make your D-Cinema experience a pleasant and convenient one!

Secure Convenience for Content Logistics

  • We have a van with two designated professionals + driver that would come for the doorstep service to your office or studio as per your instructions.
  • The VAN is fitted with GPS tracker and CCTV Cameras with two way Audio.
  • The GPS tracker lets us monitor the exact location of the van at all times. It is also locked for a certain route and this system would not allow any change of route or intentional delay by its occupants.
  • The CCTV systems will let us and you track the exact activities in the van and your content case at all times. This is an added layer of security to avoid any theft or pilferage.
  • The HDD is carried in a Secure Case with an Electronic Key set by you and communicated by you only to our Data Manager via your authorized email and phone number. The officials in the VAN do not know this key. Also this key is known only to you while the content is in transit. Only when you see that that the content has reached our location safely and is now secure to ingest into our system you are needed to share the secret code that too only to the authorized personnel.
  • The HDD again can be encrypted by you as per your standard operation procedure.

CCTV in Vehicle connected via 4G

  • Visual Monitoring of the Vehicle and its occupants carrying the content.
  • Immediate action in case of any untoward incident due to continuous surveillance.
  • Fool Proof Security of the Content
  • Access to client for viewing over a simple Web Page link
  • Analytics support of Theft, Removal, Tampering or Distress with advanced AI Algorithms.

Security at Content Processing Centre

  • Our Content Processing Centre is a Virtual Fortress with Strict Access Points and 24 X 7 Surveillance of all active areas at all times.
  • Every Content Process Engineer, Mastering Executive and Data Manager are required to authenticate their entry and exit with Face and Finger Biometric Access Points.
  • Whenever they work on Content Conversion, QC and Encryption Etc. their Finger ID is captured through biometric USB devices with Time Logs.
  • No Pilferage or Unauthorized access to your invaluable content is possible.
  • Every Individual entering and leaving is monitored with his Face Detected at entry points with time-stamp.

Security at Cinema Projection Booth

  • We provide for the first time in NON DCI Digital Cinema systems anywhere on the globe a Projection –Server Enclosure which prevents access to any cables or connectors like HDMI etc. This is a simple yet effective measure to curb piracy.
  • We also provide for a 24x7 SMART CCTV surveillance system them monitors the projection booth at all times and sends REAL TIME alerts in case of tampering, intrusion or any other unwarranted activity in the projection booth.
  • The Smart System is connected to our Central Monitoring Facility in our HQ in Mumbai with State of the Art Analytics and Footage Retrieval System.

Come Join our Fight against PIRACY!

  • We at ULTRA D-cinema want to eradicate PIRACY from the Exhibition Industry please be our partners in this revolution.
  • We are open to your invaluable suggestions from time to time.
  • We at ULTRA D-Cinema feel the future is Innovation and we pledge to keep innovating on the Technological Advents and the Business Operational aspects of Film Exhibition and Distribution relentlessly.
  • We strive to provide the best D-cinema Network, System and Service Possible.

Get in touch or schedule a meeting with us today to get a complete walkthrough of Ultra D-Cinema.