Cinema Advertising with Ultra D Cinema

We offer advertisers an opportunity to fulfil their national, regional and local marketing needs by reaching out to their target consumers in a cost-effective manner. Cinema advertising has become a vital element of every media plan and Ultra D-Cinema is here to make your brand strategy more effective!

Transparent and Cost-effective

We maintain high level of transparency in our procedures and reduce costs since advertisers would require only one print of the Ad which can be run multiple times. Language is not a barrier now since a single print can play your commercial in different languages at multiple locations. Irrespective of the number of times your commercial has been played, the quality of digital commercials remains unchanged.

We offer advertisers the flexibility of last minute scheduling and content changes as well. Moreover, our technology platform simplifies the complex logistics of advertising. Ultra D-Cinema helps advertisers to air their commercials in a large network of screens simultaneously, thus minimizing costs to a great extent.

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